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“Muscles are not for girls” And Other Things Girls Who Love Lifting Are Laughing About

I absolutely love the drama that comes along with the fitness journey. Initially, all that I heard would make me mad. Then I learnt to take a step back and observe, and now, I laugh. Everyone has their set of opinions, but these right here, these are the real gems. Sometimes it’s fun being a woman in the world of men, keeps us all entertained. Thought I’d share some of them with you.

Please note – I have at some point said/done all of this, got my point across, and had a great laugh. Point being- you do you girl, go get that booty, go get those gains, go lift that bro who thought he could mansplain this to you. Amen.

Gym Bro *sees girl at the gym* – Oh you’re here for your cardio? 

Yup, not going near those weights, no no, they say they turn you into a man.


Muscles don’t suit women!

*sigh* I have literally stopped responding to this.


Gains?! You’re putting on weight….ON PURPOSE?!

Aha, yes, absolutely :)



Can I touch your biceps?



Gym bro – *hovers around the machine to see how could you even dare to ask him if you could alternate the sets with him* Do you need help adjusting the machine?

Yes, and some help lifting that weight too….or actually, just do the workout for me?


Gym bro – *interrupts workout to chat* “Hey, what’s up, what are you doing today? I think I saw you the other day……”

*if looks could kill, this bro would be DEAD*


You sure you want to eat that cookie? PMS is just another reason to cheat. 

Hey bro, listen up. No vagina, no opinion.


*working out alone* Rando- Hey…..

*mustering all the strength to not throw the kettle-bell at this moron*


But you are fine, you don’t need to lose weight.

Fitness isn’t about being thin you moron.


Man – I don’t like women with muscles

We too don’t like men who can’t handle strong women.


Why do you eat carbs? Don’t carbs make you fat?

Why don’t you shut up?


You sure you want to highlight the ass?

Excuse me, I am working towards getting a nice ass, why must I hide all the hard work? Also, jeans don’t fit me anymore so excuse me while I lounge around highlighting my ass in yoga pants and gym leggings.


Stranger who meets you for the first time and offers to carry all your luggage because you know, girls cannot carry their own luggage?

Excuse me sir, I lift twice the weight, I could lift YOU and the luggage and be fine with it. Please sir, now if I may have my luggage?


You shouldn’t be cycling, it will give you manly legs.

I am all for team quadzilla, why is that a bad thing?


Stick to yoga and functional training, lifting leads to so many injuries, especially in women.

I injured myself during yoga bro, it’s not a sleepfest as you assume it to be. Also, lifting makes me feel strong and feeling strong makes me happy. Got a problem with that?


Yoga is for women. 

So that she can exhibit better strength and flexibility when she’s kicking your ass.


I need motivation. How do you do this?

My motivation isn’t going to be the same as yours. You first need to be ready to be motivated, which means you need to be ready to put in the hard work. Then comes the action bit- till you do not work towards something, you will never be motivated to do it. Point being, motivation comes from action. You see results, you see the endorphins taking over, you want this to happen. And then you make it happen. And THEN you start setting goals and being inspired.


Have anything else that I have missed out on? Add in, let’s have some fun!


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