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This Is Why You Might Be Bored Working Out

News flash- no one is motivated to workout every single day! Yes, it happens to the best of us, to the most seasoned athletes too. What makes the difference is discipline.
Discipline is not something that is learnt overnight; you need to be consistent with your efforts every single day. Yes it can get overwhelming, but the secret is to take one small step at a time.

So… how does one stay motivated to workout? Sharing something from personal experience-

Are you still doing the same old workouts that you started with? If the answer to this is yes, please understand that a change of workout is required not just to test your body, but also to keep you interested. It’s time you treated yourself to a new workout, a new YouTube channel, a new app or even a new class!

I understand that it can get really frustrating to work out and see no results. But here is the thing- if you are focusing only on how you look, chances are that you will get bored because it takes time to build and tone muscle. Instead of focusing on aesthetics, start focusing on strength and progress. Count your steps, the amount you can lift, the reps you can do, etc.

Just because a book is asking to be a part of the 5 a.m. club does not mean that it is bound to work for you- if you are a night person you are going to find it more productive to workout in the evening, and chances are that you are more likely to enjoy it. Forcing yourself to put in a workout at a time that doesn’t suit you will make you treat exercise as a punishment.

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