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Magic Milkshake- The Perfect Post Workout Meal

Samarth Ahluwalia, lovingly known as the big guy with a soft heart, has been kind enough to contribute to my webspace. I have personally enjoyed all healthy meals prepared by him, and I was overjoyed when he agreed to contribute a recipe to my blog. Once again, thanks bro. Over to him-

I recently started working, which means I cannot dedicate the same amount of time that I used to once upon a time to my workouts. While I’ve been trying to get that aspect back on track, the diet takes a hit. So I’m trying my best to come up with healthy, easy and tasty options for my meals to get back on track.

A friend of mine helped me with a recipe for a great post workout meal, and after making a few tweaks to it I realised this was the perfect morning meal for me. Ladies and gentlemen presenting to you the Magic Milkshake –

What you need – 
1/2 cup of roasted oats
350 ml milk
1 scoop of protein OR 3 raw eggs
1 tbsp peanut butter (check out how to make peanut butter at home)
1/2 spoon cocoa powder
1 or 1.5 banana (you can add in other fruits too)
Crushed Ice
Blend it all together, and that’s ALL you need for a filling, nutritious breakfast to stay full for at least the next 2-3 hours. True story.
And I believe him. He has some of the best workout and nutrition tips to share (I secretly call him my personal trainer) Follow him on Instagram right here. 

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