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#Diet- Pre & Post Workouts with Storia Foods

All those who follow me on Instagram know that I recently tried coconut water and some shakes from Storia Foods. Those of you who tuned in late, I shall tell you all about it in this blog post.

Before I start, let me reiterate my views on diets, fitness and overall well-being. I am no one to give you nutrition gyaan since I do not know a lot about this field myself. What I experiment with on a personal level is after effective consultation with my folks (who are doctors) and a few friends who’re studying nutrition. I train 6 times a week, and do not take any supplements for my gains. I concentrate on eating home cooked meals, keeping a close check on pre workout and post workout meals.

Storia Foods sent me a bunch of products to try out, and this is what I feel about them (I consulted a few relevant people before opting for them as my pre and post workout drinks)



The pack I received tasted as good as the one I would get outside. It was fresh, sweet(with no added sugar!), and had just the slightest change in taste as compared to the real one (this one comes in a tetra pack which would explain the taste difference) You can get a pack of 200ml for Rs.39, which is the same as that of good coconut water outside.  On days I am too busy or lazy to go hunting for that perfect coconut water stall, this one works perfectly well for me.

Plus it also serves as the best post workout drink as it helps restore nutrients to the body,.


I don’t have much to say except for that Boss! I am mighty impressed! To be honest I was uncertain about the quality because shakes usually get watery, with a strong hint of artificial flavour. These on the other hand were as good as those you’d make at home. Turns out these have the highest fruit content in the country, which was quite evident from the taste. We also picked up a few bottles for our pre-workout drinks from Dorabjees later that week.   It[WU3]  was with great difficulty that I picked a favorite flavour, and if you have to make me go buy them once again, this is the order in which I will choose the flavours- Chocolate >banana> coffee > mango> tea

They also have their nutritional benefits noted down on the bottles, so it’s easier for you to choose.


These 180ml bottles are priced at Rs.30 making them a great option for a pre-workout drink due to their carb content, plus they’re trans-fat free too.  I would avoid these as post workout since I am looking at proteins which are not to be found in a large quantity in these shakes.

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