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Busting Myths Related To HIIT

“Oooh HIIT! I can save time and lose weight AND get a tone with only an HIIT routine! Life is sorted.” If you’ve said this to yourself at any given point in your lives, you need to read what I have to say. I should have written this earlier, my bad. I’ve been getting a lot of DMs and mails asking me to sort out HIIT workouts because you know, “I don’t wanna go to the gym I get too lazy” While I’m happy that you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, I request you to read this before you commit yourself to an HIIT routine.

HIIT is filled with delusions of grandeur. I’m going to bust a few myths, and I hope I can help those of you who wish to take up this form of exercising.

Myth 1 – The more I work out (HIIT) the better it is for me

The intensity of HIITs decreases as you reach the 30 minute mark. Why? Because this works on a high intensity principle, and you can only have an intense workout in the first few minutes. Idea is to break down your 30min routine into intervals so that your body shows effective results. Try this:

Intense workout – 3minutes
Low intensity workout- 1 minute
High- 3 minutes
Low – 1 minute
High- 3 minutes
Low – 1 minute
High – 3 minutes
Low – 1 minute

Myth 2- HIIT will help me shed fat

Like any other form of exercise, HIIT too needs your diet to be controlled. You cannot expect results to show if you’re not cleaning your diet. HIITs burn calories for up to 48hours, but what’s the point if you’re eating whatever you want to? Clean up your diet! Jump that junk!

Myth 3- HIITs are easy to get used to

You will probably not be able to walk after your first few HIIT sessions. There is no need to be scared, this is normal. BUT! This does not mean this is how it’s going to be. It will get easier. Provided you start off right. Experts suggest you start with a low intensity aerobic routine and slowly work your way up to an HIIT routine. Directly beginning with HIIT may increase the chance for injury and muscle soreness.

Myth 4- More HIIT is always better

High intensity interval training pushes your body hard, so it’s important to allow for plenty of recovery time between workouts.  Doing HIITs 3 times per week will give you the best results & even limit the risk of injury.

Myth 5- HIIT is all about cardio, and should replace cardio training

While HIITs do improve your cardiovascular system, they are not exactly the best for improving the cardio vascular endurance. The low intensity exercises like jogging and cycling work better. Take up jogs or cycling on rest days instead to ensure you have a well balanced workout plan.

People have loved me for easy solutions to the gym in the form of HIIT routines, and hated me the minute they were done with 2 circuits. Prepare yourself before you tread upon this dangerous path. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya!

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