Witnessing the artwork of Kochi.

By Protima Tiwary

Essentially, my friend and I were visiting Kochi for the biennale, but after overcoming some rather poor planning and a constant state of indecision, we managed to get ourselves to Varkala

We spent 5 nights in Fort Kochi, primarily to get the feel of the biennale – where we could take it all in at our own pace and not rush through.

The Kochi Muziris Biennale is an international art festival held every other year in Fort Kochi, and at that  time, it was on  for 108 days (starting December 2016).

Fort Kochi is a rather tiny haven of all things arty and picturesque – I’m glad that we spent just the ideal amount of time to get to explore every corner of it.

Hostel Maritime – where we put up

Quaint little Jew Town

Some more Fort Kochi

Loving the wit at Kashi Art Cafe

Installation at Aspinwall

Spent lots of nights at Seagull – a restaurant and bar by the bay

This dot on the Arabian sea is an urban jungle with a lot of heritage and history.

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