Why you might be bored working out.

By Protima Tiwary

News flash- no one is motivated to workout every single day! Even for Usain Bolt, the way out of this is discipline.

Discipline is not something that is learnt overnight; you need to be consistent with your efforts every single day.

It isn't easy , it isn't impossible as well. Here is how we can beat boredom.

Change your workouts, Bring some variation and try new things out like Zumba for cardio.

Change your idea of results, here is the thing- if you are focusing only on how you look, chances are that you will get bored because it takes time to build and tone muscle.

Instead of focusing on aesthetics, start focusing on strength and progress. Count your steps, the amount you can lift, the reps you can do, etc.

CHANGE TO A TIME THAT SUITS YOU Just because a book is asking to be a part of the 5 a.m. club does not mean that it is bound to work for you, find your zone.

Hope this helps you out, check out my stories for more on travel , work and fitness.