When in Rome.

By Protima Tiwary

If I had to describe Rome in one word, I would say she’s dramatic.

After 2 visits to Rome, a capital city that is wonderfully cosmopolitan yet quintessentially Italian, I can confirm that drama surrounds you everywhere in Rome.

It’s in the ruins, the palaces, the churches, in the people who slowly and purposefully relish their food, or speak in exaggerated tones with hand gestures

Every building, every square, and every stone here has a story to tell.

One of My absolute favourite experiences would be my trip in 2019.

The dramatic culture of the city unfolded itself as soon as I landed at the airport and it did follow our AirBnb and even when we started exploring.

Ticking off must visit places and be bombarded with food with an occasional pint that might turn into more.

Rome will always be close to heart and when in Rome do as Romans do gives your travel a very different experience.

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