My Seaside Getaway on the Konkan coast. 

By Protima Tiwary

San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Country is a beach town known for it’s small bar culture, surfing culture, and a legacy of Michelin star restaurants.

Beer is an absolute staple here and the pintxos culture makes sure you can walk into a bar and get food with a pint any time of the day.

From the first sip of wine to the view of the concha coastline , San Sebastian never disappointed me.

Just behind the Old Town lies Santa Clara Island, a small hilly island that makes for a fine getaway on a hot summer afternoon.

Hikes around the city give sight to a lot of vantage points which gives rise to a captivating culture especially during folk fests , art performances and art shows.

Public transport here is easy to navigate your way around, but the best way to see all that San Sebastian has to offer would be on your feet.

The town as a whole is an amazing place to enjoy , top must visits for me were the La Concha coastline , La zoriolla and Ondretta.

Served in standing-room-only bars across the city, pintxos – the Basque Country’s version of tapas – are San Sebastián’s signature dish.

Bounce from bar to bar, pairing small bites with local wines, ciders, and digestifs. This city has a lot to offer while eating and while not.

Blessed with an alluring coastline and diverse cultural offering, Spain’s culinary capital is sure to whet your appetite.

Hope you liked this trip with me around San Sebastian, check out my stories for more on travel and lifestyle.