What is Really Self Care?

By Protima Tiwary

Self care isn’t about spa trips and splurging at the mall or eating ice cream while watching a movie, nope.

That’s a very pretty picture painted by movies and chick flicks , while real self care CAN look super basic. Also, real self care is difficult.

I’ve been through 16hr work days where I didn’t have time for anyone else. I’ve felt proud for sleeping little, rising early and hustling.

When I see my work from the past, I see a person reaching out for validation, and someone in desperate need of self care.

An injury forced me to take a break, and that’s when it hit me- self care wasn’t temporary

It was time that I started working on myself rather than working to fit into what people thought was good, right or successful.

I started maintaining boundaries, I started switching off from work on weekends, I started scheduling calls

I started saying no if something made me uncomfortable, I started treating food as nourishment, I started working out to feel strong, I started investing,

I started writing a journal…and I’m here to tell you that this is the self-care that really made a difference.

Self-care isn’t selfish You have to take care of yourself to take care of everything else in life!

Self-care isn’t expensive Self-care does not need to be expensive…or cost you anything at all!

Self-care isn’t temporary It is something that you do daily for your complete well-being. It’s not about taking one day off and slogging it out for the rest of the week

Hope this helps you guys out, Check out my stories for more.