Understanding Pondicherry

By Protima Tiwary

The beauty of Pondicherry lies in its simplicity , peace is what describes the culture. Getting around may seem tough , get a few locals on board and it will be sorted.

Our trip can be best explained with the 2 days we were there. Day 1 started off with figuring out how to get there.

Opting for a cab seemed more practical rather than a bus due to the language and lifestyle barriers.

After checking into the french quarter which is a recommendation, we started exploring for a bit around the promenade and beaches and got back by 11.

Day 2 started off with some amazing breakfast that showed us how different cultures really fuse here.

We checked out the museum and ever confusing roads here which were fun to navigate and understand, the french influence is real.

Day 2 ended with exploring the sustainable village of Auroville and getting lost in the life there.

It wasn't my cup of tea to be honest and I actually found out how hard it is to do nothing.

Day 3 mainly consisted of us exploring a little bit of pondicherry and figuring out how to head back to the airport economically.

This little french infused town has a very different aura and still intrigues me. Swipe up to read the whole story!!