Snapping through Vienna Pt 2:

By Protima Tiwary

Vienna has got to be the most beautiful city I have visited in my life. Leaving you with a moments to prove this

This is the state of the roads a few minutes after the parade. We were beyond impressed with the efficient system that allowed the cleanup trucks to clear the streets as the floats passed by.

There are a lot of University Bars in Vienna. We landed up at one called the 2 euro bar where everything was available for only 2 euros!

The Landstraßer Hauptstraße

Heldenplatz, the place where Adolf Hitler’s ceremonial announcement of the Austrian Anschluss to Nazi Germany on 15 March 1938 took place.


This is The Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial, the memorial to the Jews who died in Austria

Spent Sunday at Praterstern. We saw this ferris wheel while we were at the other end of town, doing the usual walking-climbing-hiking-exploring bit.

Look who’s house we stumbled upon! We took a small detour and climbed up a hill to reach here, and on the way caught a Uni game of football, complete with cheerleaders, adrenaline and super hot humans.

You have GOT TO visit Pizza Mafiosi when in Vienna. A budget joint serving fresh pizzas straight out of the oven, this one stays a favorite till date.

Picked up this one for the road.

Goodbyes are tough.

That was my experience through Vienna, check out my stories for more.