Navigating Covid Crisis as a freelancer.

By Prptima Tiwary

Freelancers and independent workers have been facing a rough time during the lockdown.

It’s tough being an independent worker in this crumbling economy, why don't we fight it out.

Businesses have had to reduce their output, but there are ways in which you can provide them with flexible support during this pandemic. Keep them running.

Yes times are tough and businesses do not have the budget to invest much, but don’t let that stop you from putting it out there that yes, at any point if the need arises they can reach out to you.

If you have been focusing on only one or two types of projects, this is the time to try your hand at new things too.

Picking up a new skill. This is never a bad idea! If you are a writer learn basic designing on Canva, if you are a designer try understanding creative content writing, and so on.

Take this time to interact with new people over the internet. You might never know how a connection that you have made on Instagram can help get you your next big client!

Hope this helps you out, stay tuned for more.