How I Stayed Fit During vacations Pt 2:

By Protima Tiwary

Since I could workout and eat my macros without too many restrictions, I was cleared to eat at the restaurant at any given point.

My daily meal plan included 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 snacks. I wasn’t complaining!

The boy signed up for the detox program which meant that he would be consulting the detox specialists in a completely different zone of the resort.

We signed up for the TRX class on day 1, and by the end of it I knew I had fallen in love.

Strength training with PhuketFit was about compound exercises that targeted the whole body. We did split squats, shoulder press, deadlifts and pull ups but do not let the simplicity of this fool you.

Yoga by the beach was a party! Fresh air, sound of birds, dogs playing nearby, waves splashing gently in the background and clear blue waters for company

It’s great that you understand your fitness levels and dietary requirements at this wellness resort, but I enjoyed the fact that they make fitness so much fun

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