How I Stayed Fit During vacations.

By Protima Tiwary

I recently got back from a fitness vacation and I still cannot get over how amazing it was.

We’d do yoga while the sun rose, flip tyres and test our body strength on suspension cables during the day, and enjoy running into gorgeous sunsets to end the day, all thanks to Phuket Fit

A wellness resort located in the quiet, picturesque locales of Rawai in Phuket, PhuketFit sets all types of vacation goals thanks to its fitness programs, detox programs and super gorgeous location.

We stayed at a private bungalow at the resort, a private space set in between lush green trees with healthy green hedges for boundary walls

Upon arrival, the team will take you through the set of rules and regulations, and show you around the entire property

You’ll be introduced to workout spaces and instructors, and you’ll be handed over a booklet which contains all the rules, the resort map, the details of all the trainers, and most importantly a workout time table which will help you plan your days.

After checking in , there would be a small fitness test that would put you into either level one or level two.

Upon clearing the fitness test (Level 2!) I headed over to meet Koi, the wellness consultant. She helped me understand my diet requirements, why counting calories was an important part of my regime now

Best part about the restaurant here is that the menu gives a detailed description of the calories and macros that you’re opting for with each and every meal

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