From Skinny to Strong.

By Protima Tiwary

It’s been a journey full of sweat, pain and tears. I’ve gone from “I need to be skinny” to “I need to be strong” and that I believe is the biggest transformation in my life.

I have made a ton of mistakes (more on this blog post) and I have learnt life lessons from them. I have met some of the best, most humble people on this journey.

I once treated food and exercise as punishment. Today, I understand the nourishment value of food, exercise, and recovery.

Injury taught me patience. I learnt the importance of good sleep and rest. I learnt to love my body, but it took me quite a few years to get here. Sharing with you some of the major points in my fitness journey.

The journey from i need to be as thin as i can to i need to be as strong as i can took quite a few years.

Not a drastic before-after, neither do I have anything much to say except this – it took me 3 years to lose the fat and convert it to muscle, without going on crash diets or any extreme weight loss routine.

One year and six months of no alcohol and running had me get to a shape that did not resemble a circle.

Today, I stand at 55kgs. I gain weight, I lose it easily. I stay active, I nourish my body. I have a proper routine, discipline dictates my life, and my mind is at peace, even during stressful times.

Hope this helps you, check out my content for more on health and fitness.