Dealing with toxic positivity.

By Protima Tiwary

If during this lockdown you’ve not written a novel, or learnt how to cook, or learnt a new language or a new skill, you haven't failed.

Everyone’s dealing with this lockdown in their own way and while we do have all the extra time to do what we have always wanted to do, it’s completely human to take your time to get to your list

While being productive is awesome, there’s a fine line between healthy & toxic productivity, & that line has been crossed during this period without us having realized it.

Identifying it?

Your work is harming your personal relationships.

If you’re used to hearing “you’re always on your phone!” or “why are you always working?!”

If you’re having unrealistic expectations from yourself, it’s definitely a sign of toxic productivity.

If you’re finding it difficult to rest, sleep or stay calm, because you feel you constantly have to keep doing something, you’re facing toxic productivity!

You are facing a burnout.

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