An ode to road trips

By Protima Tiwary

I’ve come to realize that road trips are life-defining rites of passage, with each kilometer teaching us something.

Over the centuries, the open road has signified hope, adventure and escape.

With a tank full of fuel and the promise of opportunity, road trips have always given the traveler a reason to smile.

I wasn’t too big on them until recently, when after 6 months of lockdown, it changed for me!

Then, came the plan to travel to Leh lying in the lap of the Himalayas.

The roads took us through twists and turns on narrow roads built by the Border Road Organisation at heights as great as 18,000ft above sea level.

On reaching there, we set off  to Tso Moriri, a gorgeous lake.

The journey was a collage of images- narrow roads snaking through the mountains…

With peaks towering so high above us that one had to stick their head out of the window to see the entire mountain.

This road trip helped me understand that life is full of possibility and mystery.

One must listen to that voice in their head, that voice that tells them to seize opportunities and adventures, and not live life with “what ifs”.

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