A love affair with the jungle.

By Protima Tiwary

We raced across the dense forests of the aravalli range amidst a few cows grazing in the buffer zone.

Not far from here , it was a race against time to catch a sight for ourselves on what was considered the best view pench offers.

We raced towards the spot , gripping in our gypsy hard as ever as the jeep made its way through the jungle, as we near the destination a telltale lights of a settlement nearby.

We stopped the gypsy and started waiting for a glimpse , taking in the woods in a meditative waiting for the sight we wanted to see for long.

The sun slowly makes its way up and village life starts, there was no way we would have a sighting now, disappointed we started making our way back.

With a bit of hope left , I just got up and decided to look out for any movements in the woods.

And there it was , after spotting , I managed to whisper leopards to everyone around which also caught the ear of one of the leopards from the pack.

This is one of the best experiences i've had in this range , swipe up to read the full story on my blog.