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India’s Daughter- Calling this rape would be wrong!

Calling this “rape” would be wrong- it was an act of pure,unadulterated barbarism. And this is just one case- there are numerous others who are forced to confront this “culture of fear” everyday. How are we helping eradicate this? Yes of course, we are banning the truth, because that will stop “rapes”!

Speaking of which, did you know women still feel the need to hide molestation and rape attempts because it’s “embarrassing” ? And that this is something a girl living in a metropolitan city goes through too ? HOW exactly is banning this documentary helping our cause?

As far as the rapist’s comments are concerned- it’s disturbingly shocking. But it’s important to understand their upbringing and thinking too.Did you know that the film-maker herself is a rape victim? And maybe, maybe she wants to find out what goes on in their heads, no? Why else would she want to cover something that would give her nightmares for a lifetime?

Ban the documentary if you want to, but while you’re at it could you also make sure you ban the rapists from getting away easily? Why isn’t it legal to castrate them in public yet? And can you do something to improve the mindset of people who think it’s perfectly normal to rape? Can a woman feel safe in this country, please?

It’s not anti-India..it’s anti-rape. It’s an appeal towards humanity. Is banning going to stop rape? This ridiculous ban is proof of how close minded the so called intellectual minds running this country are. Since our dear government is on a ban-spree- watch it before they take it down.

And yes, spread the word.




This piece was also published on TDG Magazine –¬†www.tdgmag.com/2015/03/calling-this-rape-would-be-wrong

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