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7 Things I did in Bangalore – #TravelTales

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know I had a gala time OD’ing on cupcakes in Bangalore last week. The break was a breathe of fresh air in the middle of the chaos that was my life back then-I don’t take such breaks often but a little time away every now and then does keep one fresh and motivated. So here I was in Bangalore, eating cupcakes, sleeping, going for massages, watching sitcoms, tripping on old SRK movies…you know, living a peaceful life that I would get bored of eventually.
When I look back at my trip, I have so many moments and sights that stand out. So many things to write about – just looking back is a bit overwhelming. Here’s a rundown of my chaotic mind and the vacation that was:



1. Traveled

Flight from Pune to Bangalore: 55min
Bus from Bangalore airport to city: 1 hour 40 min

 Enough said.

I wish I could start this off on a positive note, I really do. Since I was on vacation with ample time on my hands (something I am not used to) I wasn’t really complaining.

2. Ate (mostly cupcakes)

I could live on cupcakes for the rest of my life. Especially those from The Cupcake Company. The Mocha cupcake from The Cupcake Company had me falling in love. If you are in Bangalore, kindly drop in at The Cupcake Company and thank me later because I know you will.

the cupcake company mocha cupcake

For all the hype surrounding it, Glen’s Bakehouse was a little disappointing. It had a rustic English vibe to it, but the cakes didn’t really work for me. I tried the red velvet and chocolate cakes, and I wasn’t impressed. People suggest the caramel cheesecakes- maybe you could try them out and tell me what you think?
glens bakery bangalore

gle's mini cupcakes

Spoonful of sugar had me putting on 10kgs (hey, a little bit of flair and exaggeration is necessary) I tried 6 varieties of cakes and fell in love (duh) The banoffee pastry was extremely disappointing though. Brownie points for the ambiance : quaint cafes tucked away into quiet corners of busy streets are my thing.
spoonful of sugar

spoonful of cugar cupcakes

spoonful of sugar banoffee

spoonful of sugar choc cupcake

I also tried a lot of tikkas and biryanis from around the neighborhood at Electronic City- it was all too spicy for my liking *sigh*
I was extremely delighted to find Tunday’s at Indiranagar : stopping by for a quick bite of galouti kebabs seemed the most obvious thing to do.

tunday kebabs

While we are talking about food, I visited Sanchos at UB City. My kind friend has some extremely good taste in food and I am glad I got to experience some good Mexican cuisine. Tuesday morning saw Bangalore at 38 degrees: a rooftop setting, chilled mocktails and some brilliant conversation was how I spent the morning….Currently craving the burrito (which I would have finished had I not stuffed myself with OMG SO CHEESY nachos)

sanchos banaglore

sanchos burrito

He is one of the kindest and most talented people I have come across recently. Check out @TuhinMehta ‘s music and let him know what you think. : https://soundcloud.com/tuhinmehta/sets/the-index

Ant’s Cafe at Indiranagar was one of the happiest breakfast places I have been to in the longest time- a quiet little cafe, unassuming and simple: once again, I have some really good friends who have some really good taste in food.
ants cafe breakfast

And one must not forget the wonderful south Indian cuisine available at the local tuck-shops.

south indian meal banaglore

3. Toit’ed 

I shifted to C V Raman Nagar for 3 days and realised I should have shifted into Toit instead. For someone who doesn’t drink, I sure do seem to have some sort of undying love and loyalty for breweries. This one had a happy vibe, good food and duh- good beer. Next time I’m visiting your wonderful city, you know where to meet me.

toit bangalore

toit again

I met him after 8 long years- 8. Yes, eight. Tuesday evening was spent revisiting old memories over beer and beef-stuffed potato skins.

toit 1

4. Yoga

Yeah, so I tried yoga. Which is kind of a big achievement for me since I am a little too impatient to stay still for more than 20 seconds. Since I didn’t get time (or a place) to work out, I had to make do with HIITs and Surya Namaskars. 20 Surya Namaskars before starting the day for 10 days: My yoga teacher would have been proud of me today. Thank you Bangalore.

5. Fought- with Cab Drivers

I absolutely had to mention this : it ruined my plans for a perfect breakfast meeting, and I HATE it when someone ruins my schedule. Taxi for Sure looked like they were out to get me that Wednesday morning. 6 cabs cancelled on me (which is a silly concept in the first place: if the driver isn’t nearby why would you assign him to me, and if you do, why does he have the choice to say NO?) in 45 minutes. I think I might have set some record here: even the auto drivers in Pune/Mumbai aren’t this mean.

Pathetic service by Taxi for Sure, I am NEVER giving them another chance. Wednesday morning was spent tweeting instead of enjoying pancakes on a breakfast meeting.


6. Fought- with Rickshaw Drivers

No one uses the meter installed? Why have they been installed? Why isn’t anyone complaining? At least the auto-drivers in Pune get a little scared if you threaten to complain- the Bangalore ones shamelessly ask you to find another alternative. I don’t even…ah well, I did manage to win this war on the last day when I traveled for 60 bucks when the fare would have cost me 90 bucks. So booyah!

7. Safari-ed!

The kids had a plan to visit the Bannerghatta Biological Park and I was not going to stay out of this one. I had an exciting Monday morning because THIS happened :


bears banerghata

elephants banerghata park

tigers banerghata

white tiger banerghata 2

white tiger banerghata

I am feeling a little nostalgic already. See you soon Banaglore- I now get why people say you’re awesome.

P.S.- A special thanks to all the lovely Bangalore people on Twitter who helped me with suggestions and recommendations. Next time I’m there, let’s meet!

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