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World Dhaba Fest – 2016

Pune was host to the World Dhaba Festival recently, and I shall keep this review short and sweet. Here is what it was all about –

For starters, the name is pretty misleading because

a. There was nothing “dhaba” about the brands that were a part of this event

b. There was nothing “worldly” about the event as you got  a total of 3 cuisines – Indian, Oriental and Middle Eastern.

c. Also, what is world dhaba supposed to signify anyway?

I do hope they re-brand the event next year. With an entry fee of only Rs. 100 and so many food brands offering so much variety of food, Pune would LOVE this.

With 30 restaurant brands under one roof , there was a lot of option in terms of food. But was it all worth it? This is what we tried, and we must say we loved it all (almost)

sheesh kebaba syrakko world dhaba fest
Sheesh Kebabs at Syrakko – this is a twist to the original sheesh kebab with some hummus and pita bread. Pretty nice I’d say.
world dhaba fest pimp my wok
Pimp My Wok – chicken wok for 140 bucks and boy oh boy were we impressed!
world dhaba fest punjabi dhaba
Punjabi Dhaba- because it’s impossible to ignore good Punjabi food. Brownie points for impressive quantity!
world dhaba fest choc soil
Syrakko has some super interesting desserts :)
world dhaba fest picantos
Chicken bbq rice bowl from Picantos- because love.
world dhaba fest mia cuccina
This slice of pizza from Mia Cuccina was expensive (140_ and not worth it- oily, un-fresh and super bland.
world dhaba fest eat
We managed to find a spot in the crowded fest.
pimp my wok world dhaba fest
AND Pimp My Wok was good enough for a second visit. Can they please get their food truck here too? Baner is too far for us :(

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