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Where Else?

Viman Nagar is one of the most popular student hubs in town. That being said, it’s surprising to see a limited number of “fancy” and “fun” places in this area. Students are increasingly looking out for better options in the neighborhood, and Koregaon Park remains the only place which offers this.  It’s a good thing that brands have seen the potential that Viman Nagar holds, and it’s definitely a relief for many students living there to see some good and affordable eateries opening up.

Latest to join in is Where Else, a cafe (and bar)located in the heart of Viman Nagar. Run by four youngsters who decided to provide the residents of Viman Nagar with something refreshing, the place definitely has a young, fun vibe.  I went over this week, and here is what the experience was all about-

Beer chowder soup where else
Beer and Chowder Soup- pretty good, but you might want to finish this while it’s hot. Since it’s pretty filling, you could share this between 2 if you plan to eat more.

Cheese Jalapeno Bombs
Cheese Jalapeno Bombs- so cheesy, so delish, so yummy, it’s not even funny. Again, perfect to be shared between 2.
Chicken Wings bbq Where Else
Chicken Wings- BBQ. We asked for a repeat. Enough said.

Where else chicken wings bbq

Green Goblin where else
Green Goblin : a spinach based sandwich. Great stuff!

where else green goblin

the goan boy where else
The Goan Boy – goan sausage with caramelized onions and cheese. Enough said.
Mac and Cheese where else
Mac and CHEESE OVERLOAD! If you can add crispy bacon to this, I think you might be close to achieving nirvana.

Some dishes don’t need much of an explanation.  They make a case for themselves just by sitting there being brown and crisp and brazen. So is the case with the barbeque chicken steak at Where Else. If there’s one thing that I am going back for, it’d be this.

where else chicken bbq steak
BBQ chicken steak
bbq steak where else
chocolate mousse where else
Chocolate Mousse: pretty okay. The cream makes it too sweet.

I’ve also heard a lot of good things about the hot chocolate and the coffee- another trip is due soon:)

Also, if you are one of those who like to stay hidden under covers after drunken nights, lazy to make yourself some therapeutic breakfast, here’s a little piece of happy news- they open at 9:30am. So you can think about walking down in your pjs and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and some sandwiches and cure that terrible hangover. Just saying :)

So should you be giving this a try? I’d say yes..I honestly can’t think of any reason to refuse good food at an affordable price. Plus they serve bacon. I like them, A LOT.

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