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What to do in Fort Kochi

The palm-lined coastline of God’s Own Country hides some of the most beautiful treasures in the country. The diversity of this land makes it a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. A small town nestled in this stamp-sized state is Cochin, a land that will leave you stunned with it’s diverse offerings. Here is your chance to get up close and personal with culture, tradition, history and nature. When in Cochin, do not miss out on one of the greatest culinary adventures that takes you through roadside vendors, tuck shops and fine dining establishments by the port. For a city as small as Cochin, the bounty of treasures is immense. 

Cochin is calm, quiet and laid-back, and you will find some of the best cafes and heritage hotels dominating the posh neighbourhood of Fort Kochi, which is where I plan to take you today. Read on to know more about a 3 day itinerary to Fort Kochi, the perfect tryst with history, culture, religion and mouth-watering food.

Take a walk to see the Chinese Fishing Nets

The coastline at Fort Kochi is dominated by the Chinese Fishing Nets, a must-visit when in this beautiful part of town. Did you know? These are the largest fishing nets in Asia outside of China.

Walk along the shore, click photos of the beautiful skyline with the fishing nets and container ships in the horizon, and even walk up to the deck of the ships to see the fishing nets up close. What’s more, you can also ask the fishermen to fry some fresh catch for you!

Hangout at Seagull Hotel

If the idea of a perfect evening meal includes beer and masala squids by the sea, Seagull is where you need to head to for your night out in Fort Kochi! Located a short distance from the Chinese Fishing Nets, you can walk down to Seagull or opt for a bicycle ride if you’re in the mood for a warm-up. A reservation would be recommended, especially if you’d like to sit by the sea. Order a pint, some squid fry and get set to de-stress.

Tryst with history at Jew Town

We recommend cycling down to Jew Town early in the morning to avoid the tourist rush. Stop by the Jewish Museum, Dutch Palace and of course, the Synagogue. The cultural experience promises to be a charming one.

Cycle around the lanes of Jew Town to understand the vibe of the settlement, shop for souvenirs at the market, and enjoy a cup of filter coffee at one of the many quaint cafés.

Shop for spices

No trip to Fort Kochi is complete without a visit to the spice market. The variety of spices attracts tourists from all over the world to these wholesale outlets and factory storage rooms around Fort Kochi, and a pit-stop to pick up spices is highly recommended. We’ve heard it interests some of the serious non-shoppers too!

Check out the quaint cafes around town

Tea Pot Café in Fort Kochi is a must visit for all tea-lovers. A cuppa Joe and some comfort food at the end of a long day is the perfect time to visit this quaint establishment. Warm and humble, the hospitality is charming and makes you feel right at home. Kashi Art Café is another must-do on your travel list. This homely art café filled with paintings and plants serves some of the best cold coffee and lassi (something you might need after a day in the sun.) Also stop by at Loafer’s Café for some delicious home-style chocolate cake. The ambiance earns this place brownie points (there is a small courtyard too with a dense tree cover) Do stop by for a meal if you have more time on your hands.

Best time to visit Kochi – October to February

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