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Wellness Break With Hyatt Pune

It is easy to lose track of yourself in the hustle-bustle of daily life. Work/family/friends/sleep can take up most of your time and next thing you know, you are left with no time for yourself. I personally am of the opinion that consciously taking a time out is of supreme importance not just for yourself but for people around you too.

So as we discuss new year resolutions, I want to shift the focus from physical fitness to mental and emotional fitness this year. We focus so much on aesthetics, but when was the last time we stopped to think whether all our physical fitness was really making us happy?

For me, a break has always meant travel. I take a break every three months and go away on a no work vacation. Other than that I have my weekend routine of no work, no laptop, great workout, good sleep, good food etc. December 2018 was supposed to be a slow month but now I think it was 11 months put into one thanks to the number of projects that came in. I am not complaining because I live for the hustle. But this put me under a lot of stress, and I got out of it without a scratch because I decided to take care of myself :)

Since we did not get enough time to book a proper holiday, we opted for a staycation , something that we’ve done a couple of times before when things got hectic. This time we headed to the gorgeous Hyatt Pune, the same place where I did this photoshoot earlier.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner buffet (kebabs and cocktails for the win!) De-stressed at the spa, exercised at the gym with a gorgeous view, did some laps in the gorgeous pool, enjoyed room service at 3:00am (that pav bhaji is the best one we’ve had till date, no kidding!) The lovely experience ended at one of our favorite brunch places – Baan Tao.

Pro tip: When in Pune, kindly add a dimsum meal at Baan tao on your list.

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Two days off from the world was enough to rejuvenate us, something that was much needed what with all the events, collaborations, shoots, writing and weddings that took over all of December. While it is important to be physically fit, it must be noted that to enjoy fitness you need to be happy, and that will come when you start focusing on yourself and your overall well being. Take out time for yourself, your relationship, spend time away from your phone, eat well, sleep well, surround yourself with those who help you grow. Don’t forget to love yourself first, the rest of the goodness will follow.

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