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Wanderlusting with Shizusan

There’s a  restaurant in town that serves sushi, soup dumplings, dimsums, pho, kappa maki and so much more. Is it worth going nuts about this one? Well, after eating around 10 dishes and finding them all extremely satisfying, I would say you have all the right to go absolutely bonkers about Shizusan.


Opened in Phoenix Market City, Shizusan is a fine dining Asian bistro that boasts of GREAT food, minimalist Asian interiors with an al fresco courtyard. There is also a live sushi counter inside where you can watch the chefs prepare your food :)

What I absolutely loved about Shizusan (other than the food) was the interestingly designed menu. The menu is designed like a storybook where you travel along with Shizusan all over China, Japan, Vietnam Korea and Malaysia. We accompany Shizusan as he embarks on this culinary adventure, stopping over at each country to try out the dishes. Fun, isn’t it? This also makes for an extremely personalized experience as you are guided along the map of Shizusan’s tales by the staff. I found it to be quite interesting tbh. Even the illustrations and descriptions are attractively showcased.

shizusan 2

As far as the food is concerned, I think this one is a total hit. Here is a quick summary of hat we had, and how AWESOME it all was-

The Vietnamese Watermelon Salad- something I will go back for because it’s not everyday that you get a salad with watermelon cubes glazed with peanut butter, served with feta cheese.
dumplings chicken shizusan
Chicken Dumplings that literally melt in your mouth
prawn sushi shizusan
The prawn sushi was so good, I almost asked it to marry me
soup dumplings shizusan
This was quite a hit on our table as we burnt our tongues as we bit into these soup filled dumplings. (We ain’t complaining!)
The Mushroom Maki
chicken kaprow shizusan
Chicken Kaprow
Chilly Garlic Noodles

The desserts sadly weren’t that great, but you know what, for a change it didn’t even matter to me. I was OBSESSED with the prawn sushi.

desserts shizusan

mud pie shizusan
Mud Pie
Red Velvet Cake
Peanut Butter Pie

And of course this was all covered on Snapchat- dumbbellsndrama is the username :)

snapchat shuzisan

Guess who’s going back soon? :)

shizusan 3


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