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Travelling Without Google Maps

Have you ever travelled without the assistance of Google maps? I’ll be honest, it’s always sounded adventurous, risky, and quite intimidating to me. For someone who likes to stay planned 90% of the times the whole idea of travelling without Google maps scares me. But a lot has changed in the last two years when I realised I was stumbling upon hidden gems just by giving up my trusted partner-Google Maps-a miss.

Google maps has made it easier for us to discover new places, but there is something so simple and old school about moving around a new place without maps, you know what I mean? Once upon a time we would visit a new place and simply figure our way out without the help of maps. Every little thing that we stumbled upon was a thrilling discovery. We paid attention to street names, landmarks, buildings, pathways and whatever it is that would help us find our bearings. We would take wrong turns, reach dead ends, be intimidated by new spaces… Sometimes even panic when we had to be somewhere and couldn’t for the life of us figure out the correct route. And then we would stumble upon a new space, a place we had never been to, and momentarily be transfixed by a graffiti wall, an imposing building, a hippy neighborhood, a line full of bars…

I have stumbled upon a lot of experiences this way – the Pride Parade in Vienna, a local tavern in Madrid, an art store in Venice, a restaurant serving Bosnian cuisine in Dubrovnik, a breakfast cafe in Rome, gelato parlours in Florence, art in Milan, bars in San Sebastian, thrift stores in Barcelona, a picnic space on a bridge in Frankfurt, a forgotten bunker in St Jean de Luz… This list is endless, and super special ❣️

Just for a few hours keep your phone away and explore a place like you would when none of the technology was available… Try it once and you will see how easy it is for you to understand the unique character of a place ❣️

Until we discover new places again, stay home and stay safe.

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