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Traditional Cake Mixing at The Westin, Pune

For a dessert lover who loves to try her hand at baking, baking season is most definitely my favorite.  Oh yes, I made up a season because that’s what you do if you’re passionate about something. You discover things, you come up with terms. Like appam and butterchicken, biryani and naan. Shall keep you posted on the list. You’re welcome.



Moving on, this baking season has started off on a good note. I was thrilled to be a part of the cake-mixing at The Westin, Pune. I’ve always read about it in the local papers every year, and wanted to witness this grand event (you could ask my Christian mates for details- many a times I’ve bored them to death with my numerous questions.) So when I got an invitation to be a part of this year’s cake mixing, I didn’t think twice before sending in a confirmation. I’ve always, and I mean ALWAYS wanted to be a part of this. To be honest, I was BEYOND thrilled.



Westin is one of the first hotels in Pune to start the cake mixing. What awaited the guests at the café was a long mixing tray lined with 150kgs of cake mix, and 90ltrs of alcohol. Yes, 150kgs and 90ltrs. Check it out-









The guests comprised of hotel staff, guests of the hotel, restaurant loyalists and a few food bloggers. On reaching we were welcomed with some beautifully prepared white and red wine sangrias. Loved the flavours, and the cloves made the drinks refreshingly light.


I spent a good amount of time talking to the chefs and managers (a little over an hour to be precise) and taking a tour around the cake-mixing set up. Absolutely loved the casual, informal vibe in the atmosphere. 


The event kicked off at 5 pm with all of us lining up at the mixing tray. We were asked to empty out all content of the mix bags onto the tray, pour a good amount of alcohol over the entire mixture, and MIX. The 20 minutes of cake-mixing activity was a fun fest. I was so involved that I didn’t realize the activity had ended. Not complaining! :D











There was a small section dedicated to the kids too. The kids had cupcake decoration and cookie decoration along with the cake mixing (with juice)






The mixture will be fermented till the end of November, after which the baking shall start. Can’t wait to pick up my bit of the plum cake for Christmas! They also have a bunch of pre-Christmas activities lined up, and I hope to be a part of it (I promised to be a volunteer in the kitchens too. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I LOVE baking.)


Christmas baking has finally kicked off, and this dessert lover is more than thrilled. Happy baking season everybody! 




Images courtsey The Westin, Pune. 

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