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Tiffin Lunch!

With the ever-growing choice of snazzy cuisines in the market, a traditional Maharashtrian thali comes as a breath of fresh air. Home style lunch served while you enjoy a soothing, gorgeous view of the pool,here is a unique experience that’s light on the pocket and heavy on the stomach. 


A cheerful menu of some of your home favorites, excellent service, royal interiors and a beautiful view- Mystic Masala at Vivanta by Taj ensures you have a wonderful experience right from the moment you step in. They do seem to have the perfect formula to ensure we keep coming back for more- their food festivals are a huge hit. Those who’ve tried it would know what I’m talking about. 


The lunch menu changes daily. And no matter what you get on your plate, it’s exceedingly simple, yet delicious.

The meal started with chaas being served in chutes, and a basket of fried papads with green chutney.





Served in stainless steel tiffin boxes, we were thrilled by what we were served-



Kothimbir Vadi
Bharleli Vangi

Methi Vadi Batata Rassa

Masala Bhat

Dal Amti



Bhajaleli Komdi

Bharleli Vangi

Tamda Rassa

Masala Bhat

Dal Amti





I remember the Kothimbir Vadi from the last time I dined here during the Maharshtrian food festival- and I could do little to keep myself from gobbling them down right away. The Bhajaleli Kombi is chicken strips fried in a masala batter, and there’s no way you can stop at one. Full marks for the starters.The Bharleli Vangi tasted “just like the one made at home” (as my Maharashtrain friend rightly put it) You don’t need more credibility that that now, do you? The Tamda Rassa was an absolute delight- thin, light gravy with plump mutton pieces. PERFECT with the soft buttered chapattis. If you’re looking for a healthier option, they also serve bajra rotis. The highlight of my meal was the Methi Vadi Batata Rassa- I had to force myself to stop after the second helping. 


This elaborate meal was ended with a bowl of Malai Kulfi. I felt this could be made a little richer, a little more dense; but the flavors are bang on. A light ending to a light meal.


The best part about this cuisine is that it’s healthy, and does not make you feel uncomfortable  since there are very little saturated fats used while cooking. Also, I honestly feel one tiffin will suffice 2 people. So there you go- affordable, and tasty. The idea behind the Special Lunch is to reinforce the feelings of familiarity and quickness. The authenticity can be vouched for- Chef Sachin Joshi, Executive Chef,  is a Maharashtrian himself. Don’t worry about making a wrong choice- you’re in safe hands. 



This special lunch is available on all days of the week:



Vegetarian Tiffin: INR 650 + taxes

Non Vegetarian Tiffin: INR 750 + taxes

Sea Food Tiffin: INR 850 + taxes 




So all you folks in Pune, you might want to rush here for the comforting taste of some authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. 



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