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The Sunday Brunch at Conrad, Pune

There’s a regular brunch buffet, and then you have the brunch buffet at Conrad. You eat 2, ok maybe 3 rounds of food at a regular buffet, and then you struggle to taste everything that’s on the menu even after 5 servings at the Conrad buffet. But you eat anyway. True story.

I was invited by Conrad, Pune to check out the Sunday Brunch that they had to offer. I love brunches, there was no way I was declining this invitation. And so we dressed up on a slightly hungover Sunday morning and headed to their massive property in Pune. And what we saw at the spread blew our minds.

conrad strudel

conrad dessert

conrad icecream

Desserts. It starts with desserts. You walk in and see desserts. Cakes. Ice Creams. Strudels. Mousse. Pound Cakes. Muffins. Donuts. Waffles. Crepes.

It felt like heaven.

The spread then moves on to some of the most exotic items one could think of in a menu – cold cuts, sea food, salads,cheese, some molecular gastronomy experiments and a lot more. I was halfway through “tour” of the buffet when I realised I couldn’t remember OR eat any of that in one go. I definitely need 4 Sundays to sample it all.

conrad brunch

conrad cheese

conrad cold cuts

conrad pita bread

conrad south indian

Pick a favorite? Cannot. The food is gorgeous – the presentation is superb, the taste is super great, the ambiance is pleasant (the live band and poolside add to the charm) and the service is spectacular.

Another interesting part of the buffet is the bar. Every Sunday they change their theme to give a variation in their cocktails. We got “Classic Cocktails With a Twist” and ended up having some really fun (and potent) cocktails .

conrad cocktail

conrad cocktail 4

conrad cocktail 3

conrad cocktail 2

My top picks –

  1. The Burrata cheese – fresh Italian cheese made from mozarella and cream. Super gooey, super yum, super exotic.
  2. The Arctic crab meat – the entire experince of eating it is worth it. Do not miss out on this one.
  3. The Indian spread – butter chicken, kebabs, tikkas, mutton curries, the works! I can’t help thinking about the Prawn Malwani though…..
  4. Pita bread and hummus – the pita bread is made right in front of you. I don’t thik there’s anyone who’s tasted this and disliked it.

So would I go back again? Definitely. But not as a regular Sunday thing, nope. At 2600 bucks (2200 with mocktails, 1700 without alcohol and 2600 with alcohol) it might not sound like the most casual idea. I would definitely visit on an occasion,  and hopefully taste all the food on display :D

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