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Sunday Brunching – Evviva Sky Lounge

I can’t stop gushing about the weekend. Good things happen when you least expect them to, and I am so glad that I waited patiently for life to surprise me. This week I signed a few deals (you shall hear about those soon), spent Saturday night being high on life and love, and  ended the weekend with a brilliant brunch experience. And this post is all about the fabulous brunch that I absolutely cannot let anyone miss out on. It made me want to cuddle up in my pjs with ice cream and watch Ryan Gosling and feel happy about life and love and all that jazz. All credits go to Evviva Sky Lounge at Courtyard Marriott Pune City Centre.

evviva sunday brunch

Without wasting much of your time, I’m going to show you exactly what Evviva has to offer, and why is it that you absolutely MUST experience it.

evviva sunday brunch cosmopolitan
What’s a brunch without a strong Cosmo?
evivva sunday brunch mojitos
Mojito > Cosmopolitan
evviva sunday brunch bruchettas
The brunch kicked off with some Bruschettas. The mushroom ones I was told were pretty rad.
evviva sunday brunch nachos
DIY nachos :)
evviva sunday brunch fish
I sometimes do feel that Evviva has the best fish tikkas in the city.
evviva sunday brunch chese
There’s fondue, bread and caviar waiting to be devoured. Though I have a suggestion- the fondue tends to get cold and the bread was a little too hard. Maybe we could look at personalized fondue pots at each table? The spring rolls are nomnommax and the caviar is, well, caviar. Absolutely fancy, totes delish. 
evviva sunday brunch salads
The boy chose a plate of healthy greens (eyeroll) which he seemed to enjoy. Forgive me for not being healthy >.< Fish lovers, there’s some salmon for you too!
evviva sunday brunch eat scenes
Brunch with a view to die for. *sigh* 

evviva sunday brunch starters

evviva sunday brunch paneer

evviva sunday brunch tandoor

evivva sunday brunch

evviva sunday brunch sarso fish
Sarso mach!



evivva sunday brunch choc
Love has a face.
evivva sunday brunch desserts
Desserts- I played it safe with chocolate, though the variety is unlike what you’d find elsewhere.

evivva sunday brunch table

3 things that worked for them-
1. The ambiance. I am a sucker for pretty places, city lights and rooftop bars. The sun gets strong, but with winter approaching this is going to be PERFECT. 

2. The Indian starters. I have loved the Indian food here, and am extremely pleased to know that they have maintained the same quality over the last year.

3. The variety of options available.  You have a DIY salad section, the starters are served to you at your table till the point you don’t say “Ok, I need to shift over to the food now” and the main course can be ordered as per your preference from the brunch menu (biryanis, nasi goreng, mutton curry, sarso mach, the works!) The desserts come around in a cart, and more often than not you’ll end up choosing “one of each” Trust me :) The wine soaked pear served with a dallop of vanilla icecream is particularly interesting.


1. The fondue could be served on the table since it gets too cold near the salad bar. 

2. The main course lacked the flavourful excitement of the starters. Maybe they’d want to look into this. 

For all those who love their space, good food and a relaxed Sunday, there is no other place I could think of. Honestly, it’s worth it. GO, experience this! 

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