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Sunday Brunch Rituals : Ritz Carlton Pune

Mimosas, cheese and cake – if only everyday could be a Sunday 💁‍♀️ As a couple we take our down time on Sundays very seriously. Brunch dates have been a recent addition to our super hectic schedules, and I am glad to share that we have been trying some pretty epic brunches all across the city. One such memorable brunch was at the recently launched Three Kitchens Bar & Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton, Pune.

The legendary Luxury Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Pune’s restaurant Three Kitchens stands for pure, unadulterated indulgence – a fact that blends well with the larger-than-life nature of the hotel. The Luxury brunch is a massive spread sprawled across 3 kitchens – one each for Asian, Indian and Continental cuisines. In addition to this they also offer a dessert bar, and a section that is solely dedicated to cold cuts, cheese and salads. A live grill counter completes the picture perfect brunch.

The space is family-friendly, kid- friendly and even perfect for a romantic cheat meal date. Three Kitchens has managed to keep the Ritz-style quality and preparation of food, and taken conscious efforts to customise as per diet preferences.

For someone like me who loves food, there’s enough of gluttony to celebrate- cheese, cakes, gelato, dumplings, noodles, breads, pav bhaji, kheema pav, biryani are just some of the many dishes that you will go back to. For those of you who are wary of going off track, the grills, salads and roasts will take care of you.

Reserve this for a special occasion or celebratory meal – The Luxury Brunch is priced at INR 2500 ++ without alcohol and 3000 ++ with alcohol, per person.

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