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#SummerOfLegends- GNR and Mojito overdose!

Hard Rock Cafe is here with #SummerofLegends. Should you check this out? Well, if you like meat, cheese and cocktails strong enough to make you go dizzy, you’re in for a treat. What adds on to the charm is the fact that the brand has some fun activities that help in customer engagement. Before I bore you with more observations from a marketer’s point of view (profession woes) I shall leave you to judge all the fun we had for yourselves- 

The Kiwi and Strawberry Mojitos.
summeroflegends fries
Cheesy fries served with melted cheese- NOMNOMNOMMAX!
summeroflegends fries 2
Imagine this topped with bacon/chicken….<3

summeroflegends sandwich 2

summeroflegends sandwich
summeroflegends falafel

summeroflegends hot dog
Oh for the love of CHEESE!

The activity that I was talking about involved all of us making cocktails. Yes, we made our own cocktails (and drank them too!) The cocktail making competition was organized by allaboutdaru ( if you wish to be an alcohol reviewer, this is going to be HEAVEN for you)While others stuck to refreshing and tasty flavours, I came up with a strange concoction of Bacardi Black-Mango Juice and Vanilla (hey, at least I liked it!)

summeroflegends cocktail making 2
We were an attentive bunch of over-enthusiastic students
summeroflegends cocktail making 4
The first set of contestants


summeroflegends cocktail making 3
You know what’s difficult? Shaking a goddamn cocktail. The bartenders make it look very easy!
summeroflegends cocktail making 1
AllAboutDaru explains the use of different ingredients on the table
summeroflegends cocktail comp
This one was an enthusiastic kid
summeroflegends cocktail 2
She put in a lot of love into making her Mojito.

summeroflegends me

The baby sister surprisingly shocked us all by winning the competition (I know right?) If I ever decide to start drinking again, I know who’s making my Mojito-
summeroflegends sis won
There was also this absolutely fun photo booth that had us girls going absolutely cray cray!

summeroflegends photobooth
Pune, have you said hey to the Baus Girl yet?
summeroflegends photobooth 3
Girls will never say no to fun clicks. NEVER.

summeroflegends photobooth 2

So should you be heading over to Hard Rock Cafe for this? I am sure you have your answer. You got one month to check this out :) 

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