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Summerhouse Cafe, Delhi

Nothing beats drinking in the open air – especially on a chill Autumn night, when a light breeze makes you reach for your sweater and fairy lights and low music set the mood for intimate conversations between lovers and tipsy debates between friends.


It was on one such night that I went over to say hello to Ricky and Esther, the two people who are the lifeline of Summerhouse Café. As I walked in, I could get a distinct sense of luxury in the buzzing second floor, while the sprawling rooftop bar was like a breath of fresh air in the otherwise smaller pubs around the area. I immediately fell in love with the place, so much so that I decided to stay back for a drink. It’s my comfort zone- pretty lights, techno, whiskey, conversations; I’d regret it if I hadn’t stayed back :)

So here’s one thing I’ve figured out – It’s the massive outdoor bar, the high tables spread all over the terrace, dim lights and enough liquor to placate even the thirstiest Punjabi that work for Summerhouse Café Delhi.

Those who prefer the not so fancy entertainment options will do better than to step foot here, because we’re talking jacked up prices here. Unless you want to pay them a visit during happy hours (400 for 2 large whiskeys yay!)But for those with cash moneys, Summerhouse Café is a perfect place to catch up over a cocktail or beer and take a breather under the stars.

Summerhouse Café left me impressed enough to come back for the second and third night (Hey, I am even the mayor on Swarm!) while I was in Delhi.

Saturday night got a little messy in terms of service where it took FOREVER to get my chicken cheesy fries (yes, chicken and cheese on fries) Other than that, there were no other hiccups experienced :)

That chance to drink once again among the glittering diadems of the nation’s capital city is something I wish would come back soon. Heard Summerhouse is set to open in Mumbai and Pune soon. Cannot wait!

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