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Stone Water Grill is BACK!

Stone Water Grill, Pune The state of perpetual frenzy of our work lives has extended into our eating habits too. Instead of taking a break to find comfort in the pleasures of fine dining, we’re allowing restaurants to rush us through burgers and pizzas and soupy pastas. Have we all lost the will to eat? 


The fine-dining gems are those we reserve for special occasions, planning months in advance and waiting in anticipation to savor the moment when it finally arrives.  This will soon be changed with the rebirth of the old favorite- Stone Water Grill.


Stone Water Grill is one of the brands under the umbrella of Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Pvt Ltd (the other brands under the same umbrella include Smoke House Deli, Salt Water Café, The Tasting Room and Le Kebabiere)


Thursday night saw the preview of the much awaited Stone Water Grill. My joy on having received an invitation for a special food trial before the opening knew no bounds. The evening turned out to be quite a relaxing and mesmerizing experience (I still catch my breath every time I enter the restaurant. The place is gorgeous) Mr. Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD, Impresario Hand Made Restaurants was a wonderful host- relaxed, composed and humorous, he made us feel at home instantly.  I spent the whole evening talking to Shobita Kadan who was an absolute delight to talk to (would LOVE to connect with her once more to discuss the Army life, New York and sun signs :D) Lovely people, lovely food, and a gorgeous place. What more do you need?


Stone Water Grill’s rebirth is absolutely worthy of the citywide buzz. The fabulously restored restaurant is the ultimate fine-dining experience. Enter through a set of glass doors and you find yourself in a dimly lit space of high ceilings, sparkling wine glasses, mirrored walls and glass windows. All this is a prelude to a menu of modern European dishes. In the main dining area, diners tuck into Crab Cakes, Tandoori roasted veggies, wood fired pizzas and even burgers. The scene in the adjacent pink-lit outer bar area reminds you of a scene right out of a fashion shoot- occupy one of the white leather couches, sip on your Mojito, and watch the supermodels do their thing.  


Look around either of the rooms and you’ll see a mix of Pune’s elite cutting deals over wine and duck, and young professionals enjoying a hearty meal while preparing to let loose at the bar later in the night. Have you ever tasted a pasta preparation of potato prepared in white sauce, beetroot and vegetables?  Maybe. Have you had them good? Unlikely. Chef Shailendra Kekade whips up some beautiful innovations. He believes in visual beauty of the dish and makes sure every dish is presented to the diners in the most contemporary fashion. And most importantly, in the end it’s all worth every penny.


An apotheosis of upscale dining, Stone Water Grill is located in Koregaon Park. Luxurious setting, flawless service and refined, exciting food is what Stone Water Grill stands for. But the re-invented food is why you must come here. Dishes to look out for are Salads (Beetroot and Fennel with Mixed Leaves with mustard dressing, orange “chuunda” : a sweet and pungent blend of mustard, orange and wasabi), appetizers(Melon v/s Feta with reduced balsamic caramel: my personal favorite of the evening) mains (- Chilli Smoked Duck Breast with hoisin pakchoi, ginger kokum jus) and desserts (bacon lover’s, there’s an ice cream for y’all!) It’s a mad culinary journey.  


Is it food, or is it art? Expect to sample beautifully prepared samples of Light Tomato ‘Tea’ with Ginseng and Ginger, Wasabi Cottage Cheese, Grilled Vegetable and Roasted Pepper Tortellini, the works.  Save room for desserts (P.S. – The dessert menu is extensive!)


Few cities offer as impressive a range of restaurants as Pune. With so many options to choose from, it gets tricky to choose one favorite. The selection can be relied upon for exceptional service, good cuisine and a mesmerizing experience to remember. The splurges can be justified by the exciting food and sparkling service.  With it’s fashionable crowd and voluptuous vibe, you have every reason to visit Stone Water Grill. So go ahead and make your reservations this weekend.



Timings: 1900hr-00hrs

Price for Two: Rs.1500 (without alcohol)

Look out for: dazzling showmanship with the re-launch of the exciting menu



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stonewatergrillpune


Twitter: ​@StoneWaterGrill​

​Instagram: @StoneWaterGrill


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