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ShortBread Cookies

Image - Healthy cookies - Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre.JPGYou can never go wrong with a plain, delicious, buttery batch of shortbread cookies. These cookies are always favorites at tea-parties, Christmas parties and are great to store in your homes too!


I let out a little squeal when I tasted the fresh ones right out of the oven,“ How could I make something so YUM?” For someone so clumsy, it’s a big achievement to bake something so perfect.


A wonderful starting point for all your sweet adventures, here’s how you bake your own shortbread cookies-


300gm Flour

250gm Butter

160gm Sugar

50gm Almond Powder



1.Combine all the ingredients TOGETHER, and beat it with a spoon. You could also use an electric beater with a paddle adjustment. Mix it till you have a dough. Do not knead it too much

2.Refrigerate the dough for a little time (a couple of hours should be enough)

3.Take 2 butter papers, and place the dough between them. Sprinkle some flour so that the dough doesn’t stick to the papers.

4.Now roll the dough with a rolling pin to the desired thickness. Once this is done, take a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes.

5.Bake the cut-outs on a flour dusted tray for 12-15min at 180C





The cookies may seem simple to make, but don’t be fooled. Plus they are fabulous! Try them out, and let me know how they were!



Recipe courtesy Chef Gerwin D’souza- Courtyard Marriott City Centre Pune

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