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Rocktober Is Here! – Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

I’m quite excited to see Hard Rock Cafe, India experimenting with food fests. And to be honest I have enjoyed all of them. Yeah, it is a little strange that a Hard Rock Cafe stood out for their food and not the music, but hey, from what it was 3 years ago, Hard Rock Cafe Pune has come a long way!

I checked out the Rocktober Fest last weekend and boy oh boy was it good. I also think this is one of the few times Hard Rock Cafe, Pune is being a Hard Rock Cafe in terms of it’s music, food and ambiance. Rock Music, American food and Beer….HRC promises to be a lot of fun. Though there are a few things that can be improved.

Hard rock cafe rocktober menu

Hard Rock Cafe stands for the good old rock and roll, and for once that’s all that we get here- good old rock and roll. When it comes to to the service, food and drinks, there are a few observations-

1. The service has definitely improved. The menu doesn’t take forever to reach your table,and the food arrives soon after you’ve ordered for it. The staff is their usual friendly selves, and you’re well taken care of :)

2. The booze is as good as it’s always been- Since I was off alcohol for the longest time, I never had the chance to try out the cocktails. That night I think I might have gone a bit overboard..I mean who says no to cocktails? And beer cocktails are always interesting. And the folks at HRC make some killer preps so no, I am NOT complaining about the slight hangover that I might have woken up with *hic*

Hard rock cafe rocktober shandy
Vodka Apple Shandy
hard rock cafe rocktober watermelon shandy
Watermelon Vodka Hoedown
Hard rock cafe rocktober drinks
Maria Maria Cornorita
Hard rock cafe rocktober beer
They also have a couple of choices in international beers – I ain’t a beer person so I stuck to the cocktails :)

3. The food has been great here- who doesn’t appreciate fried meat with booze and loud music? Though this time the food at the Rocktober Fest is a little disappointing. The menu is limited (8-10 items) and that is BRILLIANT. That way your purpose of visit is pretty sorted- good food, good booze and some killer music. The quantity of each dish is generous, as always. But there’s something missing.

Hard Rock Cafe Rocktober Fries
Carnival Fiesta- Cajun spice dusted crispy tangy garlic crust fires topped with bbq spice and chicken served with tangy salsa dip and a cheddar sauce. A huge hit. This is the only option you get in starters.
Hard rock cafe rocktober mexi cali burger
Jamaican Hotty Submarine- a chicken frank served in a hot dog roll topped with tangy salsa dip and bbq and mayo. The dish is good, but the bread needs to be a little fresh
Hard rock cafe rocktober jamaican hotty
Mexi Cali Burger- chicken patty served with tangy mayo and chilly fries. This seems to be a hit with the audience here, but there is something missing here too. I’d say it’s the quality of the bread. And it isn’t really as tangy as it looks like. I expected flavours to explode in my mouth, was a little disappointed.

Hard rock cafe rocktober food

They didn’t have a dessert on the menu (heartbreak alert!) but plan to introduce the red velvet brownie soon.

So should you be checking this out? I’d say if you are a fan of rock and roll and hard hitting liquor, yes. The theme sets you in the mood, it’s only the food that needs a little bit of spark. This seems to be a hit with the regulars already, so I’d give this to them.


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