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Reviewed- Toss Sports Lounge

I think I have found my comfort zone in sports bars. Being an outdoor person, I love the raw energy of a sports bar compared to that of a regular pub. I have been checking out quite a lot of sports bars recently, and the latest to join the list is Toss Sports Lounge.

Located in Mundhwa, Toss Sports Lounge does seem a little out of the way. And the traffic in Pune isn’t exactly under control, especially during office hours. So while we were supposed to reach for a bloggers meet at 2030hrs, we arrived fashionably late by a little past 9. What happened at the meet…well, I hope these pictures serve as justification-

TOSS decor 1
That’s a shuttlecock used as a lamp. I’d totally want this at my desk when I get my own place
TOSS decor
Absolutely LOVED the sports-inspired interiors
TOSS manfarid 1
Manfarid was playing that night….I was super excited when I realised they sang the theme song for Ruggedian (the obstacle race that I had taken part in) Small world and amazing coincidences, no? Psst ladies, the manager is a total hottie. 
TOSS mezza platter
The Mediterranean Mezze Platter- the dips are kickass! I never thought I’d go back for the second piece of pita bread.
TOSS caesar's salad
Sensational Caesar- once again, I was extremely surprised. I loved the grilled chicken pieces, and they didn’t add too much mayo. I could totally have this as a meal if and when I decide to eat healthy.
TOSS chicken nuggets
Chicken Nuggets- this was a little disappointing. Mainly because the nuggets were chicken cutlets fried in TOO MUCH OIL! I understand there is a need to deep-fry the nuggets, but I suggest they remove the oil before serving the dish.
TOSS lebanese salad
Totally Tabbouleh- this Lebanese salad was once again pretty surprising. It looked green and bland, turned out to be tangy and flavorful. Reminded me of chaat a little bit :D I guess due to the mint leaves. Good stuff, you could give this a try.
TOSS pizza
Well, no one can ever go wrong with pizza. We ate 2 slices each :)
TOSS burger
These mini chicken and cheese burgers were pretty rad- I’d order them with some coke (haha, you can opt for beer too) The grilled chicken stays soft even after cooling down. So yeah, good stuff.
TOSS sandwich
Grilled cheese and chipotle sandwich- the flavour of the cheese was a little overpowering.
TOSS tiramisu
Tiramisu- I was initially turned off when I saw the presentation. I expected cake, I was given mousse. One bite and MIND.WAS.BLOWN. The coffee and chocolate and biscuit is absolutely divine. Shouldn’t have agreed to share it >.<

TOSS bloggers meet



1. The Tiramisu

2. The decor

3.  The band geeks – oh come on, it’s fun making new friends. 

4. The service 


1. The food is too oily guys! Get rid of the oil before presentation! 


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