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Ramen Menu at Shizusan

We have some good news for Ramen lovers here in Pune- Shizusan, the friendly neighbourhood fusion restaurant has introduced a new Ramen menu last July, and from what I’ve seen, heard and experienced, people have a lot to thank Shizusan for.

Shizusan, the hipster mascot, is back from his tour of East Asia, and he’s got with him 10 new versions of Ramen. Okay maybe 2 new ramen varieties and 8 totally off-beat variations, but hey, we are loving it! Here’s what’s in store for you Pune. At Rs. 445/- for a veg bowl and Rs. 495/- for a non veg bowl, there’s an entire experience that’s calling out to you. An experience I’d suggest you didn’t miss.


ramen 5

ramen 10
The Classic Ramen with udon noodles in a velvety, fatty, umami tonkotsu broth topped with sliced pork belly, crispy bacon bits and nori squares. One can choose to add an ajitsuke tamago or marinated soft boiled egg too

ramen 9

ramen 4
The Seafood Ramen comes with generous portions of squid, prawns, fish and udon noodles.
ramen 3
Inspired by the aromatic spices of Thailand is the Tom Yum Ramen bowl that has a combination of bird eye chillies and tanginess from the kaffir lime.

ramen 8

ramen 7
The Malaysian Laksa Ramen – a bowl of creamy laksa broth topped with mushrooms, mustard cress, tofu, red radish, crushed peanuts and crunchy fried noodles.

ramen 2

ramen 1
The Kimchi Ramen is made with rice noodles, gochujang stock and is topped with beans, roasted corn and kimchi.
ramen 6
Peking Duck Ramen has a sweet & salty hoisin broth with egg noodles topped with crispy sliced Peking duck , fried wonton noodles and spinach.


My favorites? Difficult to pick one. Though I could definitely recommend the Peking Duck Bowl. I’m going back here. And I’d strongly nominate a bowl of hot soupy noodles for comfort food this season. You need to experience it to believe it.

Happy eating!

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