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Pune Wine Festival-Feb 2015

Lalallala, I was drunk on love and wine this weekend! Must say, quite a perfect time to have a wine fest. Though what surprised me was the absence of couples on this Valentine’s weekend. Didn’t wine and love go hand in hand?

As for me, I had a pretty nice time at the fest – 16 types of wine to be sampled, 16 types of cheeses to be eaten, I don’t see any reason to complain. In a nutshell, here is what it looked like



pune wine fest wines
1. Wine
2. Cheese
3. Ambiance
4. Variety and options of wines available was pretty satisfactory.
5. The pineapple wine by Rhythm. Yes, pineapple. They also had Kiwi and strawberry flavored wines.

pune wine fest grape stomping
1. There was NO information on the wines available. The routine ‘visit stall-show glass-get wine-drink’ had me feeling like an alcoholic by the end of it.
2. Organization- Grover Zampa is a favorite. I absolutely love their sparkling wine. I had to wait 2 hours for it to reach the venue. Similarly with other stores, it was a little disappointing to drink luke-warm wine.
3. The stall owners could have been a lot more interactive and engaging.
4. Was the music missing, or was I too buzzed?

wine fest pune 2015


Overall, a lovely start to the weekend. To be honest I am thrilled that we are opening up to a whole new lifestyle.

Lalalala, happy Valentines!


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