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Pune Welcomes Indigo Delicatessen

DeGustibus Hospitality Pvt Ltd’s fine dining temple located in Pune’s best shopping and entertainment destination, Phoenix MarketCity is the ultimate blue chip fine dining experience in Pune: exquisite cuisine combined with high grade diners.

There amid the staid exhibits of lifestyle brands and framed window displays one finds themselves in an oasis of sorts as they ascends the last set of stairs to the newest establishment in Phoenix MarketCity. The rustic browns, display of breads, books, cakes, wines and the warm lighting of this suave restaurant set the mood for a lavish spread. This place is bound to leave you impressed for a long, long time.

Purveying innovative dishes made as a result of giving interesting twists to classic recipes and a dessert counter that spells divine indulgence, Indigo Deli is another name to have joined the list of Pune’s greatest refectories. While you’re here, wash down all the fine food with wines from a distinguished list. And you should by no means have any compunction about immersing yourself in the desserts either.

Indigo Deli Is FoodComa 

Maintaining a dominant position in the restaurant, the menu card is a visual delight communicating exactly what the diners needs to know- that good food will make it’s way to their table. A meal here includes an exotic range of soups, a wide variety of salads, pizzas, mains and of course, the desserts.

The bar menu is exciting, and those who love fine alcohol will be seen jumping up and down in excitement as they browse through the finely crafted bar menu.


What We Had

The Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Prawns– like a warm hug on a cold, snowy winter night; perfectly enjoyed while cuddled up in your bed, watching your favorite TV show.

Panzanella Salad – Sweet tomatoes, mozzarella, bread, basil mixed in olive oil. What’s not to like about this?


Citrus Salad – Fresh citrus fruits, greens, red onions, olives, feta cheese in citrus dressing. I could eat this at any given point of the day.


BBQ Chicken Pizza– Oh for the love of sweet baby J…. I could eat 2 of this wafer thin pizza on a cheat day. On a regular day the boy and I finished off 1 between ourselves.


Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potatoes – Quite unlike the others I’ve tasted till date. Perfect for those who do not wish to experiment much with what’s on offer. The portion size might look tiny, but do not be fooled.

Cilantro Marinated Rawas – made with pomegranate cous cous, corn-jalapeno salsa and sesame pok choy, this one was interesting. Had I not eaten the pizza before this, I’m sure I could have gobbled up an entire plate of this fish preparation.

Chocolate Almond Layered Cake – “hmmmmmmm” is the only sound I was capable of producing after taking the first bite from this beauty.


Chocolate Mud Cake – Marry me you evil, beautiful, sinful one. Literally zoned out for the last 30 min of the tasting because honestly, NOTHING in the world mattered anymore. I had found divine love.


Homemade Ice-creams : While every flavor that sits provocatively on the dessert counter is great, have I’d recommend the Belgian Chocolate or Mocha Almond. OD’ed on the Belgian Chocolate ice cream during the launch, had I not met the mud cake I’m sure this tasting would have seen severe food coma thanks to the ice creams.


The broad range of pizzas and pastas is a boon to wine sippers, the salads and mains scintillating in their freshness, and the desserts are extremely good of their type. Chef Tushar Deshpade sure knows how to spoil us with his experience of the culinary arts.

Ladies and gentlemen, Indigo Deli is now a bonafide dining destination.

Happy eating!

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