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Pink Butter- Pune

After the amount of good reviews I’d heard about Pink Butter, I was starting to feel pretty left out for not having been here. And with a name so gorgeous, it was an even greater shame. So when I walked into the store on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, I was pretty disappointed. I think I’m giving it a low rating only because everyone around me had got my hopes really high. I’ll try being fair.



Pink Butter is situated off the University Road, in a huge compound that also hosts Miarah (the boutique has some stunning outfits by the way!) There is an ample amount of parking space available in the basement of the building, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find any parking problems. Both Miarah and Pink Butter share a common entrance.


Pink Butter is bright, spacious and “pwetty” with pink and gold décor, chandeliers and glass lamps. There are also a couple of book shelves that do seem to have quite a good collection. What is heart-breaking to see is the hygiene maintained by the store- flies hovering around tables, dirt marks on the floor, no gloves while handling the food…*sigh* I wish I could be a little less observant and OCDish about these things, but I’m sorry- if you’re keeping your decor white and well lit, do not expect people not to notice the dirt. The store has tried to go in for an English theme with its décor and menu- teas and scones, the works. But it doesn’t seem too convincing. Even the soft opera number playing in the background didn’t help.




The guy at the counter was pretty helpful- he seemed well aware of the menu, and also helped us choose flavours as per our mood. Even though the place was crowded (almost all the tables were occupied) he made sure our order was completed before he moved on to the next customer. I had heard that the service was pretty bad, but I had no complaints during my visit.




I ordered the Iced Coffee (Caramel), Hot Chocolate and a red (velvet?) choco chip cookie. Here’s the verdict-



Iced Coffee

4/5. Probably taking off a point for extra froth and less sugar. Not too milky, and light on the stomach, this could have done with a more ice though.


Hot Chocolate

This one was a fail. We couldn’t finish the entire cup- too milky, with hardly a hint of chocolate. 1/5/5



I ate a pinkish-red cookie cos it was “pwetty” That’s my excuse for it. It had absolutely no taste, and was extremely hard to bite into. 2.5/5



I also packed 18 mini-cupcakes that I wanted to try at home. No regrets. They are probably one of the best cupcakes I’ve tasted recently. The mocha one was my favorite. The blueberry and chocolate ones were close competitors. The Oreo one was a hit too. Not a fan of mango and strawberry artificial flavours so maybe I didn’t fancy them much. The red and blue velvets can be much better- the cream cheese spoils it all. I also think the cream cheese was stale. There was a strong sour tinge to the icing.

Also, the packaging is pretty neat, but you still need to be a little careful while traveling with it since the icing tends to melt at an alarmingly fast rate, and the cupcakes tend to slip out of their placeholders.


I’ve heard the sandwiches are good, so um, maybe I’d want to come back to give this place another chance. Everyone is also raving about the rainbow cake, but it looked a little unappetizing.

I honestly was very disappointed because I had expected a lot more than what I got. I’ll probably go back some time soon with a clear head… Hopefully it’ll be better than this.


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