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Picantos Mexican Grill- New Menu

Remember how I was craving for some Mexican food the other day (well, Twitter knows)? Funny story- Picantos Mexican Grill has recently launched a new menu and the younger sister (Twitter and Snapchat knows her as my “bae”) suggested I check it out. It’s almost as if the Universe wanted me to go get some Mexican food in my system. *sigh* Sweet life!

I opted for an early dinner this Tuesday as I made my way to Picantos at VimanNagar at 6:30pm. Must mention how the entire place has been dug up for some God foresaken reason & that’s annoying AF! A heads up – you’ll have to park at a distance and walk it up.

Anyway, Picantos Mexican Grill has introduced popular favorites in their menu…with a Mexican twist! Here’s what the new menu at Picantos is all about-

picantos drink
DRAGONFLY- A litchi and chilly cooler. A PERFECT for the summer months.
TASTING PLATTER- Jalapeno poppers,Tostadas, Empanadas. I ain’t a big fan of fried snacks, but the company I was with seemed to LOVE this. If I had to pick one, I’d choose the cheesy empanada.
picantos chicken salad
GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD- This was so good, I think I finished off half of it. Plus it’s on the healthier side, so yay!
picantos golgappa
PINEAPPLE SALSA GOLGAPPE – This didn’t quite work for any of us. Though I liked the taste (tangy and sweet), it didn’t seem Mexican enough.
picantos soft taco
picantos pasta
PASTA- They have introduced some pastas for the kids since it seems to be a favorite :)
picantos chickne roulade
CHICKEN ROULADE- I could eat this for the rest of my life and I won’t get bored. Plus healthy because chicken breast, lean meat, all that jazz. YAYIE!

Should you be making a big deal out of it? Hell yes! It’s fun food! The rice bowl here is my FAVORITE (You’ll see me eating this at all the music fests Picantos has been a part of) Students tend to find it a bit expensive, so Uma and Shruti (the owners) came up with this genius idea of smaller meals. As for me, I’m going to nag them till they don’t open an outlet here around my area.


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