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Pesto Pesto- Reviewed!



A couple of my girlfriends and I headed over to Pesto Pesto on a Thursday to celebrate the end of a collaborative shoot we had done previously. What started off as a formal dinner turned out to be a fun-filled and gorgeous night out with the ladies.In this girl’s night version of a typical dinner party, we show you how to let loose.



This post is going to be about what I do best- a food review. For more fashion and beauty related details of the night, I’d suggest you go through Aleena Mackar’s post right here. Pranav Arwari, Mr. Photographer, has made us all look like divas- that’s saying something since all that I had on was a maxi-dress with a fish braid, pink lipstick and kohl.


Let’s get to the food now, shall we? It’s a little torturous to write this since I can’t help salivating. And that’s extremely distracting. To make things a little simpler, I’m writing this with a Cadburys Celebrations Gift Box next to me. And before I manage to distract myself once more, let’s get straight to the verdict-



Situated on the 12th floor, Pesto Pesto is a pleasant dining experience for those looking out for something quiet, relaxed and away from the stuffiness of the city. Dark colors and earthy tones dominate the color scheme in the interiors. The tables are well-spaced that make the entire dining area look clutter free. They also have a sofa setting at one corner of the restaurant that provides a good view of the streets and city lights from all directions. Pesto Pesto also has an outdoor area for the smokers. A small balcony, this smoking zone is decorated with plants and small wooden seats, and provides a good view of the city below. A good place for a family outing, a semi-formal meeting, a date or a girls night out!

While we were taking in the surroundings and trying to decide on our orders for the night, we were welcomed with bread sticks and flavoured butter. Extremely delicious, and extremely addictive.





Between the four of us, we tried the Rose Wine and Melon Ball, a cocktail. You can’t go wrong with bottled wines- so if you are a wine lover, take your pick. They have quite a lot of options in both red and white wines. The cocktails and mocktails menu is limited, but good. The Melon Ball was a pink colored vodka cocktail served in a martini glass, perfect for a girls night. The alcohol content was a little less, but I wasn’t complaining. I’ve heard the Dark Desire is a favourite among most of the customers here. Maybe you could give that a try too.



Here is what we ordered- Emerald Pizza, Spaghetti Carbonara and Pesto Pesto’s Take on Chicken Kiev. The verdict? Drooling guaranteed.


Emerald Pizza

This was a vegetarian preparation of thin crust pizza topped with cottage cheese, spinach and cheese. Served right out of the over, the cheesy pizza had a fresh flavour. Even after the dish had cooled down, the cheese did not become hard and chewy. A perfect pizza win.

This can be shared between 2 people- the pizza is light and crispy, so if you have a large appetite you could order an appetizer too.




Spaghetti Carbonara

This dish is prepared in a white sauce- we have asked for a pink sauce variation, but we were too hungry to wait for the order to be changed. The portion served can be shared by two. The dish is heavy on the stomach mainly because of the white sauce and excess oil. Even though it is prepared in olive oil which is apparently “healthy”, it is a little repulsive to see your spaghetti floating in oil. The quantity of bacon in the dish was disappointing- you literally had to search for the meat. A delicious dish which could definitely be improved if cooked in lesser oil.

This is served with one piece of toasted garlic bread.


Pesto Pesto’s Take on Chicken Kiev

This dish is enough for 2 people, but I was hungry enough to finish it all by myself. A batter fried chicken breast stuffed with pesto sauce and cream cheese, served with potatoes and grilled vegetables- I am DEIFNITELY going back for this again. The steak is filled with a generous quantity of pesto sauce and cream cheese, and goes perfectly well with the potatoes and veggies. My personal favourite. And I’m most definitely recommending this one to EVERYBODY.




Pesto Pesto has quite an impressive and interesting choice of desserts available. To avoid wasting too much time, we ordered a simple chocolate brownie. The brownie was brought to our table topped with chocolate sauce and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nothing too special about this preparation- the brownie is, well, juts a brownie. On cooling down, the brownie got a little hard to bite into. Now THAT was disappointing.




I had read a few reviews before visiting, and the service seems to have improved tenfold! The staff was knowledgeable, helpful and the service was prompt. A great experience, thank you!



Leaving you with a few pictures from the night. If you want to get clicked,or have a project in mind, feel free to contact Pranav Anwari right here.








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