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Oriental Fine Dining : Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune

Fine dining is not unique to Pune. In fact it’s easy to walk into a fine dining establishment at almost any locality now.  Be it grand hotels with intimidating décor or romantic spots hidden away from the buzzing city life, the opportunities to devour a gourmet dish are aplenty.

One of the names that comes up while we think of fine dining is Baan Tao in Hyatt Pune.  Baan Tao, a fine dining restaurant serving oriental cuisine whips up some of the most delectable prawns in the city.  Inspired by the fresh  produce  of Japan, China & the Orient, you’ll love the authentic menu of traditional dimsums and sea food soups that this place has to offer.

Baan Tao is set in the plush Hyatt Pune, located in one of the most luxurious localities in town. The restaurant sits on the second floor of the property and creates a modern, luxurious and peaceful setting with an oriental flair. The restaurant consists of an outdoor seating area, with the sound of flowing water that rejuvenates the mind, an indoor seating arrangement for the formal get-togethers, and another outdoor arrangement for the larger groups that are looking for their own private space. The Thai House is a private table located outside, and is quietly tucked into a canopy of trees, a place that immediately transports you to a land far away, soothing your senses along the way.

Sitting on a candle lit table near the outdoor pool as the sound of the water calmed us down, we started the dinner date with the first course of dimsums and soup.  The DIY soup counter had us create a beautiful blend of flavours in our Khao Suey soup. The dimsums come in various varieties: pork, chicken, mutton, prawns, and vegetables. Our favorite was the prawn one. The mutton has a slight aftertaste which did not go down well with my palette. Nevertheless, a fun start to an exquisite meal.

baan tao soup

A crisp, tangy preparation of fried prawns (Wok Tossed Prawns with Salt & Pepper) followed, along with some oriental preparations of mutton and chicken (Hoisin Pepper Lamb, Diced XO Chicken). The prawns remained a favorite. The raw mango salad (Yum Ma Muang) was a great choice too.

baan tao prawns mains

The main course was a delight- it’s always a good idea to tuck into some flavourful Thai curry with sticky rice :)

While the range of desserts included interestin preparations like the Papaya Orange pudding, Passion Fruit Pannacotta & Anmitsu, the banana bread dipped in caramel sauce stole my heart.

If you’re going to take the plunge and spend large for a special  meal of wonderful tastes in a lavish setting, I’d recommend you keep Baan Tao as an option.


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