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My cup of Coffee- Starbucks

review- starbucks.pngYou know summer is here when your favorite coffee shops start promoting their iced-coffees. And what makes a great cold coffee? Texture, flavor and a whole lot of ice. Being a Starbucks loyalist, I didn’t think twice before trying out their new frappuccinos.  And boy were they good!!!


Before I talk about the new frappuccinos, it’s only fair I give some credit to some of their other offerings. I’ve tried White Chocolate Mocha, Cappuccino and Caramel Macchiato, and been quite disappointed.


There’s a favorite beverage for every mood at Starbucks. These are the 3 main reasons why I keep going back to this coffee shop-

  • Signature Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha JavaChip
  • Hot Mocha

The Mocha Java Chip is an eternal favorite (perfect for those times when you need to let loose), but on times when I want to be left alone to note down my thoughts I prefer the Signature Hot Chocolate. To which I add cinnamon. A whole lot of cinnamon. At regular intervals. Yes, it’s heavenly.



Moving on, here’s a little about the new Frappuccinos-


You cannot ignore the advertisements promoting the 3 new flavour. And they do taste as tempting as they look (This is why I like this particular brand. They promise good coffee, and they make sure they deliver it.) Yes they are loaded with calories- there’s milk, sugar, cream, sugar, chocolate and did I mention sugar? But hey, if you order carefully, you don’t have much to worry about.


Confused about which one to choose? Allow me to help you out with this-


Mocha Frappuccino

A delicious light-brown mocha drink topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a shot of coffee.  There is a distinct flavor of chocolate, and a strong hint of coffee(You might want to keep stirring the coffee to prevent the flavors from settling down) The after-taste particularly leaves behind a bittersweet  flavor of coffee. The lingering freshness of the coffee stays in your palette for a long time. Refreshing and heavy, it’s perfect for those who want something light, caffeinated (the flavor could have been a little stronger) and fun.


Java Chip Frappuccino

Here’s a confession-I have a special place in my stomach for the JavaChip Frappuccino. Give it to me at any time of the day, and I’ll have it. After you’ve had this, you might want to agree with me.If chocolate and coffee gave birth to babies, this is what you’d get. You’ve got a shot of espresso, java chip, whipped cream and chocolate sauce- there’s nothing more that you could ask for. (Request them to make it extra strong and be prepared to have your mind blown away) It’s 35 degrees outside, you’re almost melting, and then one sip of this magical drink hits you at the right spot (oh yes, coffee always gets it right)


Dark, rich, chocolaty and strong- the scent of coffee lingers around.  Pieces of java chip provide a perfect crunch to your coffee. Perfect for someone who’s looking at something strong, a little heavy, and vivacious. So if you want to indulge in chocolate and coffee sometime, do treat yourself to this gorgeous drink.


Caramel Frappuccino

Creamy, buttery, sweet, sweet, SWEET caffeine. Perfect way to get a refreshing sugar rush on a hot and humid summer day. Not something that I personally like, because the flavor of the coffee is overpowered by the creaminess of the milk and the sweetness of the sugar.  Doesn’t help that the whipped cream makes it creamier. The flavor of caramel is a little too over-whelming, and there is only a very slight hint of the coffee (you might want to ask for a strong drink) If you’ve liked the other caramel coffees, this one is probably right up your alley.

 It’s perfect for a hot summer’s day if you’re looking at something light and sweet, but if you want to enjoy your coffee I’d suggest you go for the stronger options (mocha, java chip)


Hope this helped. Do go try them out soon.Happy drinking! 




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