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My Comfort Food

I’ve noticed how food has gained this sort of importance in my life that nothing else could. Bad day- I think of food to calm me down. Bad meeting- I take comfort in the fact that there was food. Bad date- at least there was food! Bad weather- there’s something in the fridge that will fix that. Bad mood- thank God for cake! You get where I’m going with it, don’t you? One bite and your heart slows down, your muscles relax and you enter this zone of calm…

Personally I’ve noticed there are only a select few food items that catch my fancy during such times. Yes, I am choosy about my go-to comfort food too. It might not be a rational connection, but it does the trick and that’s all that matters.Sharing with you a list I compiled while thinking about how I could eat a pizza right now but cannot since I gorged on calories this Diwali and haven’t worked out in ages.





Fun fact- I have ONE day in a month where I am allowed to treat myself to a pizza (sometimes you gotta LOVE PMS)

Thick chocolate shakes

funky monkey milkshakes pushkar

Chocolate ice cream

grubfest heat icecream

Waffles – ONLY from Henny’s Food Truck

future theory music festival 2016 hennys waffles

Butter Chicken

level 12 double tree by hilton chicken

The fact of the matter is that when we need comfort, we instinctively know what food will help us cope. Strangely cute, isn’t it?

So, what’s your comfort food?

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