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Mingle- Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

Hard Rock Café is said to be the grand-daddy of theme-based restaurants. Over the years it’s proved it extends beyond bikes, tattoos and rock & roll- their burgers and merchandize are to die for. Apart from the music and what some like to call the “food of rock”,  you now have a new reason to make a weekly trip to this legendary establishment – HRC is introducing Mingle, the Ladies Night this September. The ladies are going to love it for more reasons than one. Read on.


The Hard Rock Café, Pune is an architecturally quiet, peaceful and elegant structure that stands in the chic and booming section of the upscale locale that is Koregaon Park. The approach road to the café needs some (some being an understatement) looking into as soon as possible. Other than that, I think the experience is quite enjoyable.

Quiet and serene from the outside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to feel the difference in the vibe as soon as you step in. Wood paneled interiors, loud music blasting off the speakers and waiters’ buzzing around the place, the experience is unlike any other café in the city. Casual yet stylish- you can come here in a simple jeans-and-t-shirt combo, grab a beer, pair it up with onion rings or a burger and chicken wings, lay back in your booth (or stand at the bar) and let the music overwhelm you. I have personally always enjoyed it ever since I visited with my boyfriend (on our first date, hell yeah!)


Hard Rock Café is known for some of the best gigs in town. They’ve now added to this list of artist performances a night dedicated to all the ladies. Come September, Hard Rock Café will host Mingle every Friday night. What’s the big deal about a ladies night you ask? This is-


500 bucks for 3 cocktails. A spa. A nail and hair salon.


Yes, you’re right.  Every Friday, the ladies can treat themselves to 3 cocktails for a total of Rs. 500. Along with this, they can pamper themselves with a quick head-massage by Hyatt Spa, and/or fancy nail art from Nail Splash and/or a quick hair-styling from Jazz Up salon.  And of course there’s some mouth-watering starters to dig into. So ladies, no need to fret about your appearance. Head over after a hectic Friday at work- HRC shall take care of you. 




I personally loved the concept. Which girl will not like to be pampered? From the response I saw on the launch night, I could see this was definitely going to be a hit. There is one suggestion that I have to make- the spa area could be a little private since I doubt any woman would be comfortable getting  a shoulder massage done with people watching her. Maybe a couple of curtains for the booth would do the job.





In a nutshell-



Value for money

Great Variety in terms of food and beverages

Spa, nail and hair salon is an interesting twist



The concept of ladies night with this interesting twist will definitely work for the Pune market. Being a part of this industry, I do have one genuine question though- isn’t this going to dilute the brand? Hard Rock Café has always maintained a standard when it comes to the crowd. Won’t this activity draw in a lot of inappropriate crowd? I might be wrong in thinking so, I am sure the brand has its reasons.  



We can only wait and watch how this takes off.  Good luck to team HRC Pune!




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