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Magnum Launch in Pune

1897951_10152589331262646_760449431_n.jpgA chocolate launch on a Thursday evening at Oakwood Premier, Pune came as a refreshing break in the middle of a very mundane week. A slight breeze, flowing gowns, glitter, lights, and chocolate- the moment we entered the venue,we were transported to another world (you know, a place with rainbows, butterflies, unicorns and beautiful people) Couldn’t have asked for a better start.


Hosted by Chef Kunal Kapoor, this event started off with a whole lot of Chocolate gyaan.Which reminds me to share one very interesting fact with you- The government of Belgium controls the cocoa content in all the chocolates that are manufactured in the country, and every Belgian chocolate has a minimum of 35 per cent cocoa content (God bless them) And Magnum uses pure Belgian chocolate for all it’s ice-creams.The flavors of Belgian dark chocolate combined with the velvety richness of chocolate ice-cream: Magnum has finally arrived in India.

<Pssst: Eva Mendes has been the international brand ambassador. Hope this gives you an idea of the level of richness we are talking about>


The first official experience of the chocolate started with 3 delicious samples-


SAMPLE 1- This one was a plain milk chocolate. Sweet, milky, and not my type.


SAMPLE 2- The dark chocolate. This one was used to make the Invitations, if I am not mistaken. I finished off a huge bar of dark chocolate in 2 days (the invitation tasted this good, how could I miss out on the official launch? Well played Magnum, well played) This one was liked by a majority of those present.


SAMPLE 3- This one was milk chocolate covered with a layer of dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is too sweet and milky for my liking (Milk chocolate is not chocolate, I belong to that school of thought)<By the time Kunal took us through the samples, the one on our table was over. 3 girls, what more would you expect?>


Another very interesting thing- next time you eat a chocolate, bite into it, roll the chocolate over your upper pallete with your tongue, inhale through your mouth, and notice if the chocolate melts. Only very rich, pure chocolate will melt, others will stick to the mouth(and teeth) Kunal shared with us an incident where a person in Bangalore came up to him and told him how he had no difficulty in eating Magnum chocolates even though he had braces (and cavities) So yeah, good news for those who wear braces ^_^


Magnum gets all the chocolate from Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest manufacturer of chocolates.Magnum is introducing 3 flavors in the Indian market- Classic, Almond and the Chocolate Truffle. We all got one Chocolate Truffle to sample, and that turned out to be the highlight of the evening.


The chocolate ice cream looks huge, and trust me it is. If I were to have this after dinner, I’d probably share this with another person. But if I knew this was for dessert, I’d probably skip dinner and have 2 ice-creams instead. *sigh*


We were asked to hold on to the bars before biting into them (the wait was torturous) The first bite, and I zoned out for a couple of minutes. Which is why I had no clue what to say when the mic was thrust into my hands, asking me to describe the experience-


“Umm…there was a crack sound as soon as I bit into the chocolate, yeah….and the ice-cream just melts in your mouth. There’s so much chocolateeeee *I tend to reach higher decibels when I’m a little too excited about things*”Kunal then went on to describe various forms of “mmm” , but I had happily zoned out into ice-cream land once again.


The ice-cream tasting was followed by a small experiment, where we were all given ice-cream bars, and were asked to make a sundae of our own.


Marshmallows, glitter, silver dust, chocolate sauce, and gummy bears. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, our very own- The Prom Dance


This activity concluded the event, and everyone rushed to get their pictures clicked with the Chef. We girls, on the other hand, were busy playing with silver dust, and eating gummy bears. Yeah, we be girly that way.


Though of course we did manage to get one picture clicked with Kunal, who very humbly thanked us for being there. This was followed by an interview with the journalists, and yeah, I had a few awkward moments in the spotlight <will share pictures and links once I get hold of them> Once again, thank you Magnum for introducing us to mind-orgasmic chocolate. The experience started off on such a beautiful note, you have found some loyal customers for yourself, right here.


We then shifted to a beautiful corner inside, ordered a pizza and some white wine, and what followed was a wonderful evening with the girlfriends, filled with gossip, laughter, and all things pretty. The simple pleasures of life ^_^







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