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Let’s Get Sweeter!

Holi is 3 weeks away, and by the time we get down to deciding how we need to celebrate, it’d be right here, breathing down our necks. Holi is a whole lot of fun, no doubt. But preparing for it is one big headache. Same goes for Diwali. The hunting around for sweets and trying to get the ‘perfect’ decorations for the big day is a headache, to be honest. Because I might be mildly obsessed with perfection, I can’t settle in for whatever is available. So while there is a certain excitement for the festival, there is also the need to get the perfect box of sweets ready. And as if the Universe had sensed the discomfort in my system, it sent me THIS-

Sweet Inbox gift wrap                       Sweet Inbox gift wrap 2
Yes, I got sweets delivered to me at home (this one was a Valentine gift from Sweet Inbox.) Isn’t this the cutest idea ever? Saves a lot of time, and I love the traditional touch to this. I was personally very pleased to see the assortment of sweets- all of them North Indian. A very pleasant change after years!
Sweet inbox sweets
Oh, this one also had spiced chocolates. Which by the way are pure love! I’ve tasted spiced chocolates before and never really liked them, was a little hesitant while trying them out. I wasn’t disappointed

Sweet inbox chocs                           Sweet Inbox chocolates
I’m going to try this out for Diwali. I mean this DOES make things much simpler. All I need to do is take 10min off during work, log on to the site, select my order and process it!

Here’s the link, I suggest ypou check this out for easy gifting options. I mean who doesn’t like receiving food in mail?


Have a happy Holi guys!

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